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High Flash Point 80°C Water Soluble Dispersant Chemicals Liquid For Industrial

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Henan
Brand Name: Kesea
Model Number: 0611
Detail Information
Odor: Odorless Storage Temperature: Room Temperature
Flash Point: 80°C Color: Transparent
Toxicity: Non-toxic PH Value: Neutral
Appearance: Liquid Specific Gravity: 1.02
High Light:

Water Soluble Dispersant Chemicals


Water Soluble dispersant liquid


Water Soluble dispersant additive

Product Description

Product Description:

Dispersant Liquid is a surfactant-based product made of non-toxic ingredients. It is a transparent liquid with a flash point of 80°C. It is highly soluble in water and can be used to disperse various substances into a homogeneous mixture. Its surfactant properties enable it to break down particles, making it an ideal solution for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. It is an effective, non-toxic, and easy-to-use liquid that can help improve the quality of products and processes.



  • Product Name: Dispersant Liquid
  • Flash Point: 80°C
  • Freezing Point: 0°C
  • Specific Gravity: 1.02
  • Solubility: Soluble In Water
  • Chemical additive: Improve the dispersability of pigments, fillers and other additives.
  • Dispersion stability: Improve the stability of the dispersion medium.
  • Particle size reduction: Reduce particle size and improve product performance.


Dispersant Liquid - Perfect for Particle Size Reduction

Kesea 0611 Dispersant Liquid is the perfect product for particle size reduction. With its transparent color and low viscosity, this dispersant liquid can easily be mixed with water and is highly soluble. It has a shelf life of 2 years, making it a reliable and long-lasting product. Dispersant liquid is perfect for getting the most out of your particle size reduction process.

Technical Parameters:

Property Description
Name Dispersant Liquid
Appearance Liquid
Color Transparent
Toxicity Non-toxic
Flash Point 80°C
Storage Temperature Room Temperature
Odor Odorless
Specific Gravity 1.02
Freezing Point 0°C
Boiling Point 100°C
Particle size reduction Yes
Chemical additive Yes



Kesea Dispersant Liquid

Brand Name: Kesea

Model Number: 0611

Place of Origin: Henan, China

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Storage Temperature: Room Temperature

Toxicity: Non-toxic

Specific Gravity: 1.02

Freezing Point: 0°C

This Dispersant Liquid is designed with surfactants that help to reduce the particle size of the material being processed. It helps to improve the efficiency of the particle size reduction process and produce a uniform particle size distribution.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping of Dispersant Liquid:

  • The product should be stored in a cool, dry place.
  • The product should be placed in a sealed container and stored in a cool, dry place.
  • The product should be handled with care, and any contact with water should be avoided.
  • The product should be shipped in a sealed container, with appropriate labels.
  • The product should be shipped in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.



Q1: What is Dispersant Liquid?

A1: Dispersant Liquid is a product from Kesea with model number 0611. It is produced in Henan and used to reduce the surface tension of liquid.

Q2: What are the features of Dispersant Liquid?

A2: Dispersant Liquid can improve the solubility between two liquids, increase the stability of the emulsion, reduce the surface tension, and prevent coalescence.

Q3: What are the applications of Dispersant Liquid?

A3: Dispersant Liquid is widely used in industrial process, such as oilfield, paint, cosmetics, and papermaking.

Q4: How to use Dispersant Liquid?

A4: Dispersant Liquid should be added to the production process in the proper dosage. To obtain best results, please refer to the product guidelines.

Q5: What is the package of Dispersant Liquid?

A5: Dispersant Liquid is usually packaged in 200L drums or 1000L IBC containers.

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