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Cas 569 61 9 Water Reducer For Cement Products

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Henan
Brand Name: Kesea
Model Number: Water-Reducing Admixture
Minimum Order Quantity: 100kg
Price: To be negotiation
Packaging Details: 25 kg paper bag Available in large bags or in bulk on request.
Delivery Time: 15 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Cash
Supply Ability: 60 Tonne/Tonnes per Day
Detail Information
Appearance: White Powder Name: Water-Reducing Admixture
CAS Number: 569-61-9 Application: Concrete Additives
Vantage: Reducing Unit Cement Consumption And Delaying Setting Time Solid Content (%): 97±2
PH: 6~8 Chemical Composition: Modified Sodium Polyacrylate
High Light:

cas 569 61 9 water reducer


water reducer for cement products

Product Description

Pollution-Free Construction Chemical Additives Water-Reducing Admixture For Cement Products

Product Description

Water-reducing admixture is a chemical additive used in concrete and grout to reduce the amount of moisture in concrete while maintaining its flowability. Water reducing agents are widely used in the construction and engineering industries, and their main uses include the following aspects:

Improve the fluidity of concrete: Water reducing agents can reduce the surface tension of concrete and improve its fluidity and pumpability. Water-reducing admixture is important to construction crews as it makes it easier to pour, distribute the concrete evenly and fill the formwork, making the job more efficient.

Increase the strength of concrete: Water reducing agents can increase the strength of concrete by reducing the water-cement ratio in the concrete. The water-cement ratio refers to the ratio of water content to cement and other solid components in concrete. By reducing the water-cement ratio, water-reducing agents can reduce pores and defects in concrete and improve the compactness and durability of concrete.


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  • Product Name: Water-Reducing Admixture
  • Appearance: White powder
  • Workability enhancement: Water-reducing admixtures improve the workability of concrete by dispersing cement particles more efficiently and reducing the surface tension of water. This results in improved flow, reduced segregation, and enhanced cohesiveness of the concrete mixture.
  • Dosage control: Water-reducing admixtures can be dosed at different levels to achieve the desired water reduction and workability characteristics. The dosage requirements may vary depending on factors such as the specific admixture formulation, cement type, ambient conditions, and desired concrete properties.
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Technical Parameters:

Property Value
Name Water-Reducing Admixture
Chemical Composition The type of chemical compound used in the admixture formulation
Water Reduction The percentage reduction in water content achieved by the admixture
Setting Time Control Any effects of the admixture on the initial and final setting times


Compatibility: Water-reducing admixtures should be compatible with other concrete components, such as cement, aggregates, and other admixtures. Compatibility testing is often conducted to ensure that the admixture does not negatively affect the setting time, strength development, or other properties of the concrete.

Air entrainment: Some water-reducing admixtures may also have air-entraining properties, which introduce tiny air bubbles into the concrete. This can improve freeze-thaw resistance, workability, and durability of the concrete.

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